A great day yesterday! The plumber installed the toilet and the sink/vanity--the toilet I could have done, the vanity/sink, no, since it had some complications. I'm glad I didn't struggle with what I felt unprepared to do and that the job's done, and it's not leaking. Not leaking.  Now, the crown molding, a new lock mechanism for the door, the lights, a towel rack, and it's finished.  I do not ignore that each next step has its own demands. I will not congratulate myself until every detail is done.

This morning, two days after my whirligig, what I did and didn't do, the consequences and the meanings have sunk in--how easily the horses of desire break free! How easy it is to drown while driving down the road! This little adventure--which was enormous while it lasted--has cast me back on my own shore. I've dried off, gotten the salt off my body, but the taste lingers---and that's a good thing.

I still feel its intense but engulfing littleness--and by contrast, this morning, the immense throw of sky, the darkness with its stars beyond the blue and white. The balance between life and death.  Two days later, I'm grateful for seeing so clearly, for knowing that while I thought I was awake, I wasn't awake enough.

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