Is there a word that means hunger for the sun

I've just looked--the phrase has been used by many, but there's no term for it. Solartropia? The way the heart yearns for, leans towards, the sun. The way the sun completes the act of breathing. The way that full sun shines through the eyes to the part that needs warmth, needs to be held. Where the roots are.

This morning, I watched as the sun decided to shine, watched the cloud formations march across the sky from west to east, linger in the east, then disappear.  It took about an hour of dim, then brief bursts of brightness that went back to dim, then, the clouds disappeared, full sun that has stayed.

The magnolia across the way is pregnant with big, pink, wrapped bulbs about to burst.  The sun is kindling each one. Long shadows streak the lot between my house and my neighbor's--my neighbor whose wife died two weeks ago. His car is in the driveway.  I walked across to speak to him--he was with another neighbor. We shook hands.  "I thought it was you I saw walking," I told him. "You had a cane." "Yes, that was me," he said. "You know?," he went on,  "I read that even when you get old, if you keep exercising, you improve." He didn't look sad; he looked steady. He seems more. . .open. . . now than I've ever known him to be.  It's as if he leans--just a little--towards the person speaking to him.

My grandson--eight--has been with us for three days.  Talk about energy!  A ravenous little creature, all eyes, all words--words spill out of him, his intelligence in solution with his imagination. School--he doesn't like school--has not yet separated the two, so the world's still amazing--what's true is what he can make up--his ego a little shaky at its core. Pure light with a strand of troubled dark. Sweet as a solid puppy.

Allan DiBiase
4/14/2013 11:40:00 pm

Of course you knew:

phototropism |ˌfōtəˈtrōpizəm, fōˈtätrəˌpizəm|
the orientation of a plant or other organism in response to light, either toward the source of light (positive phototropism) or away from it (negative phototropism). Compare with heliotropism, phototaxis.
phototropic |ˌfōtəˈtrōpik, -ˈträpik|adjective

and thus:

heliotropism |ˌhēlēˈätrəˌpizəm, ˌhēlēəˈtrōpizəm|
the directional growth of a plant in response to sunlight. Compare with phototropism.
• Zoology the tendency of an animal to move toward light.
heliotropic |ˌhēlēəˈträpik, -ˈtrōpik|adjective


But all that is beside the point.

"To be or not to be. That is the question."

"To be or not to be. That's the point."

The latter is the first version of Hamlet I think?


I read your post today as I try to read Thoreau's Journal. The flow of thoughts/ideas/'s one line of reading where "poetry" gets life.


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