Out of nowhere I have the first of my two yearly bouts of sickness. It always starts with those tonsils that my mother insisted remain in my mouth when all the other mothers had their kids' tonsils taken out. (Thanks, mom.)

I'm lucky not to be sickly, but these two sieges cut my feet out from under me: it starts with swollen, burning tonsils; goes to my ears; does something to my core-temperature, so I'm constantly cold, then hot, then cold.  My nose turns on, and doesn't turn off. I run a temperature that disappears. Then returns.

This might have started from being outside for hours--finally released from the house arrest of winter. Perhaps the leafing out of all the trees, all the stuff in the air, irritated my throat, and that's all it needed. This should last about three days.


I'll continue my project of rebuilding the picket fence. I'm well on my way and enjoying it too much to stop. It's easy, straight-ahead work, and, so far, the results look good. It's so good to, once again, be working with wood and tools, to see those fruits of that labor.

Such a simple principle: cause---->effect.  So the effort is to understand cause, which is a life's work.

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