It just occurred to me that it's time to continue the thread of KC.  I mean thread with the meaning the Greeks gave to the material the Three Fates worked with, thread as a symbol of life. What could be more concrete than the conception, construction, and the dissolution (when the material finally breaks down or when--remember it's the Three Fates--it's simply (or not so simply) the time the thread should wear out or be broken) of the clothing put together by that thread as a figure for birth, living, and death?

I'm, so far as I know, still in the construction phase. But each step is a step towards, a step away from, on the time-line of our days. Every step is a step towards the darkness I came out of.  I'm thinking, these days, that my death is a return to my original situation, and I'm heartened by that. A full circle back, a circle every single living thing completes. My species is life. Thus, my fate.

I've been actively wrestling with this for the last four months.

And with my own past, for what's our past for if not to wrestle it down to the ground, to claim primacy over its domination by integration instead of rejection?

And, as always, Time, what I started with, above. Time looms larger now, during these active transitional days, as summer wanes to fall, green is now interspersed with brown, the gold of the morning is beginning to have both the steel and the mellowing tan of autumn in its light. Time is the air we breathe, and a different tang is in our mouths.

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