I have to laugh: I've been up since 4:30am watching the night sky lighten. As I watched, I started writing about what I was seeing and the domination of gray light for the last week or so. As I wrote, one quatrain led to another--there was more to say, an argument, a picture, to be completed, a sonnet to be written.

So I worked through the intricacies of the form--the dance of meaning and shape--about how the days have become merely lighter nights, light suffused with shadow and the exhaustion one feels--I feel-- from day after day of this half light, this broken, almost-light.  As I worked, I searched my memory, re-lived the feeling of--reimagined seeing--each day's stagnation, the daily scrim of dirty sky, feeling that nothing had changed when evening came except a darkening of what was already dim.  And then I looked up and saw blue in the early sky, not gray!  And now, a half hour later, the house across the way is splashed with soft tan light, and the sky is still light blue.

And so, time's fool, I have to laugh.

Allan DiBiase
3/13/2013 07:47:17 am

That picture is a worth a million words....

There is no account of the blue sky in history.
---Thoreau, January 7, 1851

Would you see your mind—look at the sky.
---Thoreau, January 26, 1852


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