A friend sent me this, written by Henry David Thoreau (HDT) on January 28, 1852, in his Journal: "Would you see your mind--look at the sky."

Just about all that I've written and continue to write is summed up in HDT's nine words. I suppose one could say the same about water, but the sky's above us all. There's no where to travel to. It is as much a part of us as our hands, as our eyes, as our bodies. It is the air we breathe, the world we were born into, as integral to our lives as the banks of the river the river flows between.

What can't we say about the sky that we say about ourselves? Nothing that I can think of--our moods, silences, our dreamwork, and actions--our intentions, disappointments, our tentativeness, our authority; our steps forward, backward; our passions, relapses, flashing ideas, insights that slowly unfold to provoke, stun, or quiet us. Our indecisiveness, impulses, and compulsions--is there anything that doesn't stare back at us from the sky if we simply look up?
Allan DiBiase
3/14/2013 03:19:08 am

The deed of looking to the sky..... a bit of writing off the literal self and finding it anew perhaps? The opposite of "introspection". What an venture.... a casting off into the wild-blue-yonder to make our impressions in it rather than risking merely impressing our selves.

It's a different "relation" than one looking into oneself. It's the relation of our selves through a different medium that's otherwise.

I think this requires enormous letting go.


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