This morning when I sat down at the window, I knew that it was the moment before the gold. I've sat in that chair long enough to know. The sky was...just about to burst open--at least a slit in the east. I could feel the pressure building;  the trees, as always, wait for whatever comes.

There was a slight change in tone; the air...shifted...the top branches, for a moment, slightly whitened, and then were on fire. But what was unique this morning is that the huge tree directly across from where I sit, which always stays dark, was also afire--shining tan gold against the still white-gray sky.  The ballet, the architecture of its branches--some storm-broken--blazed, a city  burning gold, each limb distinct, the labyrinth of its avenues and colonnades glowing.

I couldn't write. I wanted nothing more than what I was being given--and I was being given everything. Then I was given more.  The sky became a deep, soft blue that's now lighter, airier, settling down for the rest of the day.

William Blake writes this:

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

I can't claim what he so confidently asserts. What I can claim is that I was given a gift.

Allan DiBiase
3/23/2013 12:43:43 am

Ah my. I got up expecting a sun rise and there was none. Instead it was snowing. Also very windy. But made a fire, breakfast and a cat happy. Then headed outdoors. It was back to the "east side" of Montgomery Brook today.

Notable was standing in one place for about 10 minutes taking pictures of a pine bough. During this time when I wasn't crunching about a moose on the opposite side of the brook decided to move around. Could not see it but for sure it was the sound of a moose.

Later I explored a new route through the woods from Dinsmore Pond back to Smithville Road. This took about 20 minutes and I resisted looking at the GPS trying to navigate by instinct. Amazingly I came out exactly where I thought I might. If I had checked the GPS I would have found it never turned on when I left the no record of my new route.

It is quite wonderful to see new contours of the land, new groves of mature pines and hemlocks, new stone walls....all new to me for the simple sake of not following an old track I've established that's closer to the Pond.


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