The lot between me and my neighbor is lit up and stamped with the black shadows of trees--sun brings out the other side everything has, the world's population doubles. because it's haunted. The world, like us, is inhabited--the shadow as fine a symbol for the past as one might wish, that thing, those years that happened that have left us changed, left us, us.

Want to know the real weather? Look at the profound and simple Tao: We are ourselves and other; others are themselves and us: we are utterly different and utterly linked, the halves of a whole. And what is true of us and others is true of our own selves: "I" am that which casts a shadow. "I" am that which carries the ages in my chemistry, whole histories, entire ecologies of time and place.  The self can be a stranger to another and a stranger to itself.  The peace we make between our selves determines the peace we might be able to make with others.

Yet in the day-to-day living of our lives, what seems more distant from truth than that? Every face in the mirror is different from any other face. No one's experience is the same. Yet the insight of the Tao, the Tao as a picture of what life really is, persists--call it the ideal; call it the inevitable shadow that we cannot take a step without; call it the shape our dream world takes when we awake. We catch glimpses of it, of our other self, so we only half-believe it. Only another can see it fully.

Allan DiBiase
3/26/2013 02:19:49 am

"Want to know the real weather?"

The reports are being published constantly day and night. But we are in danger of forgetting the language in which they make themselves available.

10/2/2013 06:39:16 am

Good job


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