Another day begins in gold, then quickly fades. I see this isn't a tragic event. The point is its gorgeous brevity--

Just this moment the phone rang. A neighbor just told me that another neighbor, a sweet woman, a wife and mother, died yesterday. I had no idea--my neighbor, who is her friend--had no idea. Something happened, something about a "blockage." She'd gone to the hospital; she died. This took, perhaps, three days.

". . .gorgeous brevity" sounds hollow to me now--compared to a rock that smashes through glass. One thing to write two words to capture an idea that's important to you--quite, quite another to be told that someone you knew and liked just died.

I look across the lawn to her house. Inside is her husband. There 's only his car in the driveway. He's alone with her death. The service is tomorrow.

Allan DiBiase
3/28/2013 01:55:32 am

There's a sound to an idea when it descends to a point. That sound might be a kind of music. (Comment on photo).


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