A beautiful day welcomes me back! On the third day on this nuclear-level anti-biotic, and it's living up to its reputation. The rusty hinge feels, once again, oiled; I can swallow without expecting to choke.  The codeine is out of my system. Phew!

I spent all day yesterday in bed killing green pigs and trying to make sense of Samuel Pepys, who, from page one of his diary, plunges us into the details of his life in London in the 1660s.  What a busy man; what a dangerous time for England, just before the Restoration, at the end of the Protectorate. But so many names started to blur, and I realized that I didn't know enough about the period to be able to properly understand what was going on. Now that I'm in my right mind, I'll do some background reading, then dive into Pepys again.

The codeine-blur, the day without gravity called to mind the stoned years, the light I wasted. Aiee! Long gone days, but it takes only a few seconds' thought to be embarrassed by the choices I made.  I take comfort, though, in what I learned and what I practice: that the best teacher is embarrassment.  I've been well taught.

Back to work today; we'll see how that goes. I'll work slowly, carefully, work myself back into working.  I'm pleased that I've been able to write during this siege--though the quality of what I wrote isn't high, I kept at it, stayed in the game. That's what counts.

Back to the light. . .

Allan DiBiase
5/1/2013 03:18:34 am

Light! Color! Is there any dark corner that isn't penetrated before the leaves begin to leaf out? I was saturated in light today. I swear it shown through me and I had no shadow.

Glad you are on the rebound.


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