First, I apologize for the lack of sequence you encountered yesterday. I've written to and gotten a reply from the folks who host this site, and I'm waiting for them to fix the issue. I hope that today's entry appears where it should, as the first thing you found when you clicked.

Saturday! Saturday was the first magical word, a word with true power, that came to me when I was a boy. Girl followed, but Saturday has pride of place.
The first day after a week of school, a week of having-to, of being under adult power. My day.

I either slept late or bounced out of bed, eager to get out onto the quiet suburban streets to see whatever there was to see, to look into trees, at houses, down the length of streets, to feel the sky stretching forever over my head, to feel a world where there were no limits.  When I was a boy, Saturday was the best book I ever read.  Saturday was forever; it was the future. It was parent-free. It was the world my eyes and feet discovered. I was unafraid. I was free. Saturday was the language I was learning to speak.

No doubt about it: this is a "My heart leaps up" spring day.

Work ahead, which I look forward to, being outside for hours.

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